Candidate busted stealing signs

Kansas county commissioner videotaped stealing opponent's signs.
Kansas county commissioner videotaped stealing opponent's signs.

Prior to launching his campaign for a seat on Johnson County, Kansas' county commission, Calvin Hayden had been warned about campaign sign thieves.

He never thought it would be his opponent he had to worry about.

Hayden, who is running against incumbent John Toplikar for Johnson County's 6th District County Commissioner seat, seats says he has Toplikar on camera stealing his campaign signs.

"I'd heard that integrity wasn't the man's strong point on several issues," Hayden said.

Toplikar has been accused of stealing yards signs at least twice in the past week, and on Friday, Hayden's wife says she saw him stealing signs.

"By the time I'd lost $1,000 worth of signs I was like, 'OK, maybe it is him doing it all'," Kelly Hayden said.

On Saturday Kelly and some friends set out with a camera.

Her video shows Toplikar stealing and destroying several of Hayden's yard signs.

"It's really kind of sad," Calvin Hayden said. "You expect your public officials to be above that kind of stuff. I don't know what would happen to where he would forget what's important."

Police have cited Toplikar for misdemeanor theft.

He is due in court on November 26.

Toplikar did not return calls seeking comment.