Editorial: Attack Ads


If we hear one more attack ad, we may attack our television screen.

It would seem that if the Republican and Democratic national committees and individual candidates spent as much time and energy focusing on how to solve the many problems in our society as they do skewering opponent in political races, we would not be facing so many problems.

Trashing opponents is never a good way to advance in the workplace.

Why is it acceptable for public office?

It demeans the person and the office.  For what purpose?

It sets the tone for further uncivil behavior when the candidate gets in office.

Twisting the truth while campaigning leads to doing it while in office.

We encourage the next wave of candidates to do something novel: use your political ads to inform and educate us about how you feel we can solve the growing list of major problems we face.

Candid solution oriented information snippets would be well received.

Public discourse is too coarse and is past time to stop it.