The Harding Family

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The Harding family is one of this year's Families of the Year nominees, but not because of its size.

The Hardings are giving back to their community, and they're making sure their children learn a lesson in education and the economy.

A typical day at the Harding house includes spending time "talking", and as you can imagine, in a family of eleven you won't find a loss for words.

Seth Harding, a 7-years-old, says, "What I like is that everyone can help you when every you want because there are so many people."

Parents Kip and Mona Lisa Harding are describe their family in one word, "Big!".

"They are everything to me," says Kip Harding. He adds that he can't breath with out his wife.

Together the Hardings have nine children! Four are in college, but every one of their kids is under the age of 20!

At the rip old age of just 12, Heath is a sophomore at Huntingdon College. At home, though, he's just big brother.

"I have to help the younger kids with their homework" he says. "They drop me off at school every day...and I always tell them about what I'm doing in class..and it really motivates them."

While learning and teaching are the root of the Harding family tree, it's their faith that makes it grow.

The Hardings volunteer at their church for Celebrate Recovery, a 12-step drug and alcohol program.

They make volunteering a family affair.

"It's not just the addict that's having a's the whole family that is suffering, " says Kip." The whole family needs care", he adds.

"We're making a lot of good friendships..and I get a perspective sense of other families," says daughter Hannah, a Tuskegee University student.

One reason the Harding's were nominated for the Families of the Year awards is because of their teamwork.

Kip Harding says through these hard economic times families must pull together. It's something he calls his families' strength and what he wants others to seem in them.

"We're Americans we can get through this mess...we can do it family by family...a strong family makes a strong nation..we believe that."