Ogletree Teacher a Class Act

Reading time is fun time in Ms. Nancy Crutchfield's class.   She's taught at Ogletree Elementary School in Auburn for 10 years, and loved every minute of it.   In the past she taught first graders, now she's in second grade, and she loves working with the younger kids.   "They still like it when you're silly and fun," Crutchfield said.

Ms. Nancy Crutchfield is the teacher of the year at Ogletree Elementary school in Auburn and  she's this weeks Class Act.     "If I teach them something they clap, you can tell they really enjoy leaning."    And she loves teaching them.  She's been in the classroom for a total of 18 years.   You can tell she's right at home sitting down low with the kids getting into the latest Narnia book.

"Once they see that learning can be fun, they want to do more of it," Crutchfield said. Congratulations Ms. Nancy Crutchfield from Ogletree Elementary School in Auburn, you're this week's Class Act.