The Mardis Family

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - They say that food is good for the soul, but a Montgomery family has found another use for it.

Food is something that brings the family to the table to catch up on what's happening in their lives.

A little ground beef mixed with a few onions. You call it "dinner" but the Mardis family calls it "family time".

"We usually try to all meet at at least one meal dinner to communicate with each other," says Hobart Mardis. "That's our time to have the kids trapped at the table so they can tell us about their day."

Hobart, Jane and their twin son's Mathew and Tyler Mardis have a lot to talk about.

This family is active in it's church and community, so when they were nominated for the Family Guidance Center of Alabama's "Families of the Year" awards they were shocked.

They say they're just another normal family. "We go through all the stress that all families go through and I just sorta, you know, it's an honor," says Jane before adding, "but at the same time I said 'us'?"

Matt and Tyler take advance courses at St. James High School and they often get a little push from mom with notes she puts in their book bags.

"A lot of the days we have tests and it's 'good luck on test' and it makes me want to do well," says son Matt.

"Our family is special because we communicate, tell jokes, laugh and joke and have a good time together," adds brother Tyler.

Jane and Hobart are instilling in their children the importance of giving back to the community and as Jane runs for the office of Revenue Commissioner the entire family helps with her campaign.

It's another way this normal but busy family finds time to spend together.