Grand jury makes decision in Shackleford death investigation

Rickey Shackleford
Rickey Shackleford

PIKE COUNTY, AL (WSFA) - Nearly two months after the death of a Pike County man, whom sheriff's deputies were attempting to arrest on parole violations, a grand jury has spoken.

Rickey Shackleford was shot and killed by Pike County Deputy Sheriff Henry Wentland in early September after he allegedly rushed at officers with a machete in one hand and a 12 inch serrated knife in the other.

The Alabama Bureau of Investigations turned over its findings to the grand jury this week.

After deliberations, the grand jury determined that Wentland's use of deadly force was justified said District Attorney Gary McAliley.

Shackleford's father, John, told WSFA 12 News after the incident he felt his son had been murdered, raising the question of self-defense or unnecessary force. "They could have done something else to bring him down," Shackleford's father said at the time.

The deputy who shot Shackleford is a 20 year veteran of the Pike County Sheriff's office.