Macon County Shooting Suspects Arrested

An argument over a woman, officials say, sparked a fight outside a home on Chambliss Street in Tuskegee October 2nd. Shots were fired nearly killing a man. The suspects took off.

Officers say Michael Jerome Green and Willie Brown, Junior are responsible for the shooting. Tuskegee Police called on the U.S. Marshals Service to help locate Green and Brown.

Deputy Marshal Ryan Karle says they labeled Green a major case because of his violent past. Karle says Green has been convicted for, "Kidnapping, robbery, and multiple weapons possessions."

More than a thousand miles away from the crime scene, Marshals found Green in Rochester, New York. "He was speechless," Karle said he was told.

A few days later, they tracked down Brown in Macon County. "When he saw us turn in, he then took flight," said Karle. Now, both men are behind bars.

Finding fugitives is one of the Marshals' chief duties. The Marshals Service tracked down 108,000 fugitives nationwide and 900 across the globe during the 2008 fiscal year.

Green is in the Monroe County, New York jail awaiting extradition to Alabama. He and Brown face attempted murder charges.  The victim remains in the hospital.