Wiregrass Newsroom: Safety First at Festival

Dothan, AL (WSFA) -- You may not hear the sound of police radios when you walk through the Peanut Festival, but rest assured, Dothan public safety officials will.  The Dothan Public Safety Mobile Command Post was positioned at the Peanut Festival today, and safety at the fairgrounds is its main goal.

"Dedicated dispatchers will be in there at all times.  It's a big collaborative effort to provide for the safety of all the visitors here," says Captain Chris Etheredge with the Dothan Fire Department.

Police, fire and the Houston County Sheriff's Department will work together out of the vehicle providing first aid and security.

Crews met today to discuss safety plans, and tour the site before 20,000 people show up for opening night.

And one of the biggest concerns is traffic.

In order to alleviate traffic into the festival, there are two parking lots. One is on the northside, and the other on the south side of the carnival.

When it comes to traffic, the police department is paving the way for a successful week.

"We have a large volume of people that are coming this way. The police department, they're doing what they're supposed to do as far as making things run as smooth as possible without having any backups," says Officer Thomas Davis of the Dothan Police Department.

Meanwhile, the rides are being tested, and the flags fly high for opening night.

Reporter: Melissa McKinney