The Pace Family

TUSKEGEE, AL (WSFA) - There's a Tuskegee couple who are always trying to make sure their children reach their full potential.

Instead of moving obstacles for them, they're giving their children the tools to conquer all challenges.

Henry Pace's father taught him that with a little hard work and determination you can accomplish anything, and its now words to live by with his family.

"When I got married and had kids I instilled in them the same thing," says Pace, "to work hard to obtain you goal because no one is going to give you anything, no one. You have to work for it."

Henry and his wife, Ralphenia, have put their two children through college. One of many accomplishments they're proud of.  Something else they celebrate, their family closeness.

"The family is the unit that America's built on," says Mrs. Pace, "and when you have strong families you can have a strong America."

The person who nominated the Pace family for this year's Family Guidance Center of Alabama's "Families of the Year" awards knows Pace family values all too well.

That's because she lives them. They were nominated by their daughter Tomaria, "I feel like we have special challenges and even though we have challenges we work together as a family to solve those challenges," she says.

Tomaria has lived most of her life with a hearing impairment, but she says her family never let it stop her from making sure she lived a life without boundaries. "My mom and dad said 'don't let it stand in your way...from following your can do whatever you set out to achieve'."

And achieve Tomaria has. She works as a teacher aids, she writes poetry and she's started a sign language music ministry at her church. She also started a support group with her mother for people with disabilities.

"Hard work, determination and conquering challenges" is the motto here at the Pace house and their shining example of what a family should be.