Someone Taking Or Destroying District 2 Candidates' Signs

Montgomery, AL (WSFA) - There is no question campaigning for political office can get dirty. However, it now seems like someone is going after candidates running for Alabama's second congressional district.

Both campaigns tell WSFA 12 News someone is going after the candidates by attacking their campaign signs. Vandalized and burned, thousands of Republican candidate, Jay Love's signs destroyed or stolen. Love supporter Alice Demass says this has happened at her home 12 times since May. Demass knows she's not the only target. She says, "I drove to Prattville and saw the same thing."

Love campaign spokesperson Todd Stacy doesn't believe it is loves opponent Bobby Bright's campaign taking the signs. Stacy says, "We are friends."

In fact, Bright's campaign says it is lost thousands of signs, too.  Bright campaign volunteer Bobby Rudder has put out around two thousand signs for Bright. Many have vanished, including the ones he put in his own yard. 

The Bright and Love camps can't say who's taking the signs, but one thing is for sure, they will continue replace them, at least through Election Day.