Wiregrass Newsroom: Congressional Candidates Visit Peanut Festival

Dothan, AL (WSFA) -- The National Peanut Festival isn't the only thing attracting people to the Wiregrass. For Bobby Bright and Jay Love, it's votes. Both candidates visited Dothan today for one last chance to gain support.

"We're here continuing last minute efforts to meet the people, address any issues or concerns they may have about Bobby Bright and what I stand for," says Democratic district two congressional candidate, Bobby Bright.

Bright spent much of the day campaigning at the Peanut Festival, while Republican candidate Jay Love knocked on doors in Dothan.

"We take every opportunity to get into the areas and see as many people as we can," says Love.

Both candidates say they think the Wiregrass could determine the outcome of the election.  And that's why they're in the area--for one last chance to get out the vote.

And both feel the most important issue in the Wiregrass is the economy.

"They [voters] need to be able to have reassurance that when they want a job and need a job to support their family that they'll have it and they'll have that opportunity," says Bright.

"Everybody's talking about the economy. But also Fort Rucker. I'm going to do everything I can to maintain and support the funding of Fort Rucker," says Love.

But when they're not campaigning, both candidates still have time for a little fun at the festival.

"I like the slow rides, my kids like the fast rides," says Love.

"I love the corn dogs. I've already eaten two corndogs. I eat them for breakfast," says Bright.

Corn dogs and campaigns--a combination only found at the Festival.

Reporter: Melissa McKinney