Wiregrass Newsroom: A Look at Festival Fireworks

Dothan, AL (WSFA) -- High in the sky, a spectacle of lights. For festival goers, the annual fireworks show is quite the highlight.

But fans may not realize how much time goes into 15 minutes of firework fun.  But Michael Head does.  He's been building fireworks shows for six years.

Head say the process takes longer than you'd think.

"We design the show, we put the product in there, the time that we need.  We base that on what kind of show we can give them.  Right here we've got plenty of room," Head says.

Plenty of room in a field hundreds of feet from the festival activities.  With a bigger space comes a bigger show.

It takes six hours and more than 250 wires to put it all together.  And the end result is 1600 individual rocket shots.

With any show, Head says safety is crucial.

"We want to make sure the crowd won't be close. We want this thing to go off the safest that we can...without any problems."

Although the fireworks shoot 300 feet up into the air, spectators are kept at least 500 feet away from the action.

And as night falls and showtime nears, Michael's wiring job is just about finished.

At nine o'clock on the nose, the first shot fires toward the sky.  Fifteen minutes of fascination--all in a day's work.

Reporter: Melissa McKinney