The Beck Family

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The saying goes that laughter is the best medicine for whatever ails you. If it's true a Montgomery family is in tip top shape.

What's the key to a happy home? In the Beck household it's an open door policy to communicate. "That's what it's about with children, being open and honest and fair and respectful," says Mr. Beck

The Beck's are one of five families that will be honored as one of 2008's "Families of the Year" through the Alabama Guidance Center of Alabama.

"I feel like you have wonderful families when you have strong communities, and I've been thinking about this this week, because I'm not entirely comfortable with this nomination," says Sara Beck, who believes the award should go to the community. "We are what we are because there is a church that stands with us, there's a school principal that stands with us...," and the list goes on.

The Beck's say they've accomplished much through their children.

Charlie likes to write music, Kathryn is an award winning artist and 12-year-old Marsa is the center of their joy. Although she has special needs she sings in the choir and her family supports her every note.

"It kinda makes me feel good," Marsa says, " see your family do that sort of thing".

And the relationship between the Beck children is why the family believes they were nominated.

"My parents have worked really hard to raise us well, and to raise us with respect. They respect us...they really value us giving to each other," says Kathryn.

Brother Charlie adds, "You will never know when you will be stuck on the side of the road or just be down....and it's best to be that person to other people as much as possible."

The Beck's describe their family as unique.

Spend one day in their home and you'll experience how special this family truly is, through their commitment through the community and their love for each other.