Thermo Spatula - Does It Work? - September 10, 2002

The Thermo Spatula cannot only help you while you cook meat, it can also stop cases of food poisoning caused by undercooked meat. David Hagood will tell us if this product really works like it says, in this edition of Does It Work! The Thermo Spatula is a pretty simple device. A plastic handle holding two batteries, a spatula with a fork containing sensors that pick up the temperature. All you have to do to use it is stick the fork into the meat, and wait for it to measure the temperature. We decided to try the fork on three different types of meat: pork, chicken, and beef. After seasoning everything, it's time to start up the old grill. After a short time on the fire, we opened it up and took a measurement. Now the fork measures starting with very rare. We made sure that each piece of meat was at least medium before flipping it over to let them cook a little more. After we flipping a few more times... we tried the thermo spatula again. This time when we stuck the fork in the beef and pork the indicator showed that it was ready to come off. When we tried it on the chicken it needed just a few more minutes. After we made sure that the chicken was ready to come off too... It's time for the real taste test. The thermo fork seemed to do a fairly good job at judging the meat. The thermo spatula gave a very accurate reading!