Shout Oxy Power - Does It Work? - September 17, 2002

Have you been through the grocery store cleaning isle lately and seen all of the "oxygen" cleaning products? If you have you know that there are several of them out there. David Hagood is putting one to the test today. If you recall, last week we tested out a product that's used on the grill, and as you know, sometimes BBQ can get a little messy. But with the help of another oxygen action product these stains shouldn't be a problem. Shout cleaner is a well known name in the stain fighting world but can it handle these BBQ sauce stains? The instructions say to start your washing machine on the proper setting and water temperature. Then do as you normally would and pour your regular washing detergent in. After that you'll pour in one scoop of the "Shout Oxy Power" finally toss in your stained clothes. As the washing process starts... so do the bubbles... caused by the oxygen action in the Shout powder. After the spin cycle the clothes should come out looking as clean as can be, but if you look close, the shout oxy power didn't get out all of those stains.... most of it but not all of it. Not a good sign from a company with a good reputation for making stains disappear. It fails this test! The Shout Oxy Power cost around 4 dollars at local grocery stores. It's instructions claim that it can be used for more than just washing clothes. It can also be used for general house hold cleaning. If you would like to test out a product or have Daivd test out a product e-mail him at