Sing it with me, "I'd like to try to smuggle some coke" read on.

Coke inside a coke....
Coke inside a coke....

The beverage can proudly says, "The Coca Cola side of life", but somehow that wasn't the side of life one smuggler was living one when authorities confiscated his drink on Halloween night.

Border patrol agents found close to 400 grams of cocaine disguised as a refreshing Coca Cola aboard a plane headed for the United States. (Question: Was the drink confiscated because you can't bring liquids on a plane???)

Anyway, the cans were filled with the white powdery stuff that was discovered on the US Airways flight from Jamaica to Philadelphia.

U.S. customs and border protection officials say this soda can smuggling approach is a new technique many of them hadn't seen before.

Authorities say the confiscated narcotic will be destroyed, and that no one has been arrested in connection with the discovery.

CBP officers routinely conduct random inspections of international flights that arrive from all over the world searching for narcotics, unreported currency, or other prohibited items.