Editorial: Early Voting

The power in a democracy rests with the people.

That is what makes our country great and will always make us special.

It was said earlier this year that our newly elected president was unelectable so better to support another.  That was proven wrong both in the primary and in the general election.

Voting is one of the most special privileges in our country.

Alabama encourages votes by the people for more offices than many other states.  Some states appoint some office holders, rather than elect them.

Fortunately, election day was absolutely beautiful here and standing in long lines was not troublesome from that standpoint.

But Alabama can make it easier to vote by allowing everyone to vote up to two weeks prior to the election.  More than half the states already allow absentee voting by mail or pre-election day voting in person.

In Alabama you can only vote early if you have specific excuses for why you can't vote on election day - and potential bad weather isn't one of them.

Record turnout Tuesday drove the lines - and we don't usually get that kind of turnout.

But turnout would be greater in all future elections if we had the option to vote earlier without giving an excuse.