Boy survives after falling into compactor

The 14-year-old boy got out of the school when his mother was about to pick him up and apparently hid in a recycling bin.

The boy attended The Milwaukee Leadership Training Center, similar to a boot camp.

The boy told police his mother was coming to get him so he hid in a cardboard recycling bin.

He says he fell asleep in that bin and that's when a waste management truck operator picked the container up and unknowingly dumped the boy inside and cardboard inside.

The truck continued on its regular routes with the boy and cardboard inside.

He had to be terrified and says he was in the truck about 4 hours.

It's believed the truck compacted all the cardboard several times.

The truck eventually went back to the recycling center and dumped the remains.

That's when the boy was discovered.

He was semiconscious and taken to children's hospital.

Police say it's a miracle he's alive.

The boy has been released from the hospital and is back with his family.