Wiregrass Newsroom: 'Tis the Season for Shopping in the Wiregrass

Dothan, AL (WSFA) -- The decorations are up, and the shoppers are making their move. They're sending money into stores and out of their pocketbooks.

One might think it would be just the opposite as many Americans are spending less. But some stores in Dothan don't seem to be severly affected.

"We're doing as well or better than we expected. I think that right now, we don't really feel the economic slump in our particular store at this time," says Debbie Watson, the Merchandise Coordinator at Belk in Dothan.

There's an added bonus for the Belk store in Dothan. It just had a grand re-opening back in October, and the manager says it's only going to help bring in those holiday shoppers.

But along with Belk, a similar store, Stein Mart, says their holiday shopping is already well underway.

"We started seeing the Christmas traffic flow two or three weeks ago. It's gotten really heavy during this time. Each day we see a little bit more," says Charolotte Barden, Stein Mart's merchandise manager.

However, not everyone is jumping on the holiday bandwagon quite yet.  Cathryn Wiggins is just waiting for those better deals to come around.

"[We're] just scouting out prices and see what we find, and the best buys. We'll come back and scout it out a little bit more. It's a while 'till Christmas. We got a little bit. We gotta get through Thanksgiving first!"

Dropping prices are on their way. Both Stein Mart and Belk say big sales are going on every week between now and Christmas.

Reporter: Melissa McKinney