Co-Workers Remember Murder Victim

Montgomery, Al (WSFA) -- It's a story that has a group of Montgomery women both in shock and in tears.

Their boss and friend, Naomi Gorden, 44, was found stabbed to death in a dumpster outside of Mobile Thursday.

"When the guys started, they only grabbed maybe 3 loads out of it, and then they saw the legs," explained John Strickland, Warehouse manager at the company where Gorden's body was discovered.

Gorden worked at Homewood Suites Hotel in Montgomery for nearly two years as executive housekeeper.

Her staff saw her as much more than a boss.

"She was a mom, a friend, a comforter.  Whatever you needed, she was there for you," said Sylvia Bone.

"I don't know who I'm going to go to because she was a sister I never had," explained Sandra Johnson, who also worked for Gorden.

As the group mourns the loss of a friend, police are still trying to nail down a suspect.

The sister of Gorden's boyfriend, Clifton Ramsey of Montgomery, says she believes her brother carried out the crime.

"I feel that my brother did something to her [. . .] because that's just the type of person he is, especially when things are not going his way," Sharon Murray explained in a phone interview with Mobile's WPMI-TV Friday.

Gorden's friends are still trying to figure out how the woman ended up in South Alabama.

"That's not like her.  She didn't travel that much," Johnson said.

While a continuing murder investigation looms in the background, Gorden's co-workers try to remember the good times and hope for some answers--soon.

"It's very devastating and hurtful, and it's cruel for someone to do something to someone like that," said Lisa Amos.

Family members of Gorden's boyfriend say the man hasn't called or showed up at his Montgomery home since her body was found.

Police say he's not a suspect at this point.