Editorial: Feedback

You gave mixed feedback concerning our editorial encouraging a no excuse, early voting two week window for Alabama voters.

Brenda Bixler emailed: "I am against early voting.  It is one more area where fraud can occur.  There should be voting on one day only or vote by absentee."

Donna Spivey countered, suggesting we contact our legislators about examining the feasibility of

doing it and if citizens would take advantage of the service.

Regarding our attack ads editorial, Beckie Bynum emailed: "I only wish politicians could see how bad it makes them look to be so ugly to their opponent. Shame on you politicians!  You really should be a good role model to our young people.  Straighten up and try to relearn the Golden Rule."

Craig Downs chided us: "If you think attack ads aren't serving the public interest then don't accept the money to run them."

We actually can't do that by law Craig, but thanks for the feedback.

We appreciate all of your feedback.