Authorities seek man who violently twirls baby

The rise of video hosting sites like YouTube make it easier for everyday people to become famous for their home movies.

Take the "Charlie bit me" video from England that has been viewed by 60 million people for example.

But a new video has surfaced on the video hosting website that is both shocking and horrific.

A man, who authorities are desperately trying to identify, is seen twirling a young baby violently thought the air, at times by just one arm.

The man spins the helpless infant around and around, up and down at times nearly slamming the child into a nearby television set.

He can be seen smiling while the act is committed.

Pediatricians say the violent motions can cause the baby to suffer whiplash, dislocated joints and possibly even death.

If you know who this man is the website is asking you to please contact them.