Gas Prices Dropping in Alabama; $1.99 in Some Places

Gas, you can't live without. We all need it, but not everyone can afford the recent high prices. Now there is good news, gas is dropping, and the price just might surprise you.

Word spread fast, and a gas station on the Atlanta Highway in Montgomery parking lot filled up.
So what fueled the rush? A sign that read unleaded gasoline was $1.99 a gallon. One viewer told WSFA 12 News, "The prices enticed me."

Drivers are finally getting relief after a summer of prices as high as 4 dollars a gallon. Interstate travelers in Clanton lucked out with $1.99 gas at 2 stations. Members of Sam's Club in Auburn filled up with gas even less, $1.98 a gallon.

Despite the drop, statewide the average is still $2.22 a gallon. That is down $1.07 from one month ago and 78 cents from this time on year ago.

A.A.A. of Alabama attributes three reasons for the drop. The primary reason is the nation as a whole is conserving fuel. Demand is flat, and due to a slow economy oil traders don't believe demand will go up which has driven prices down further

A A.A.A. spokesman predicts gas to keep dropping slowly, through at least February, but admits there could be small spikes around the holidays. The cheapest gas in nation is in Kansas City at $1.61.