Wiregrass Newsroom: Downtown Dothan Experiencing Economic Growth

By Daniel Curtis - bio | email

Dothan, Ala. (WSFA) - The state of the economy hasn't stopped new investment in downtown Dothan.

A number of new businesses have opened their doors, and more are working to do the same.

Downtown Dothan is busy with the sounds of progress; work is underway on a number of buildings along the 100 block of North Foster Street.

The Dothan Downtown Redevelopment group bought some buildings earlier this year, and has just begun remodeling.

"What we're seeing is the changing face of Foster Street, what use to look blighted now has fresh paint or brick and beautiful windows," said Cathy Cole, of Dothan's Downtown Group.

Work is also being done on an antique shop, an art gallery, and more remodeling work on already opened storefronts.

In the last 8 months 22 news businesses have opened in downtown Dothan and that growth is also having an impact on other business here in the city.

"It's definitely kept us busy for the last four months which it's just a hard time in the wintertime anyway to keep work especially in construction," said Chris Whitt, whose company is remodeling a business downtown.

And more work could begin soon.

Cole says the restaurant River Nile which was formerly downtown is moving back and another restaurant is looking into moving in as well.

It's expected to be around four months for some of that remodeling work to be completed.