Tough economy makes divorces too expensive for many

Getting a divorce is never easy, but in this economy many couples are finding it impossible.

Unhappy couples are concerned that they won't be able to sell their home or come up with the finances to support two households.

"My husband and I have been married for eight years and during that eight-year period, we've had just constant disagreements about probably anything you can name," said Jill, who did not want her full identity revealed.

After three years of failed couple's counseling, Jill said it is time for divorce.

But the economy has her fearful to move forward.

Jill's husband is out of work, and she works three jobs to support them.

They own a house together, which she fears won't sell.

"I have the house that needs to be sold, have the fact that his debt could be mine, and I have a person that I'm connected with intimately who does not have the ability to support himself," said Jill. "So those are big deals to me."

Divorce is expensive.

Attorney and court fees alone can run in to thousands of dollars, and for couples who are financially dependent on each other they now face the prospect of running two households.

So, is the only answer to stay together?

Divorce attorney Christine Bauer said if someone feels stuck in a failed marriage solely based on financial concerns, they should consider consulting an attorney.

"If you sit down and talk to somebody who can kind of say to you, well, looking at the information that I have, this is what you can expect to happen in the event you get a divorce, it can give them the information they need to decide can I afford to do this and am I willing to do this at this time," she said.

The consultation likely will cost you a fee, and if you chose to divorce, the outcomes might include foreclosure or even bankruptcy.

"A lot of people are so under water that the best thing that can do is just cut their loses and move on," Bauer said.

But she said that before anyone makes a decision about divorce, it is always a good idea to first get accurate information about where they stand and where they will likely end up.

That way, while their decision may be costly both emotionally and financially, it will at least be an educated one.