Businesses Not Hiring as Much Holiday Help

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Looking for some extra holiday work? You and thousands of others during this bleak economic year are answering yes.  However, many are getting told "no" by businesses cutting back on holiday hiring. "We haven't hired as many," said Target Manager Scott Troy.

Troy isn't hiring as much holiday help this year. Since most consumers are chopping their holiday shopping lists, the need for additional workers isn't there. "Sales are predicted to be a little lower than in previous years," said Troy.

"Their hiring corresponds with the amount of business they have," added Nancy Dennis with The Alabama Retail Association.

Dennis says only 15% of Alabama businesses plan to beef up their workforce this year. She says, "Consumers have curbed their spending. Hopefully they will ramp back up during the holiday season. Until that happens, stores probably aren't going to be hiring.

Another sign of the times, stores offering deep discounts to lure in more shoppers. Dennis says, "You're going to see great deals. Where you would have seen 30-40% off, you'll see 70% off."

Out of those who have applied for a job here at Target, only about 10% got hired. Of course if demand picks up, they'll hire more workers.