Great balls of fiber

10 tons of twine make one big ball. Throw that one and see if the cat drags it back....
10 tons of twine make one big ball. Throw that one and see if the cat drags it back....

A wise man once said a world without string is chaos; and there is definitely no string shortage in Lake Nebagamon, Wisconsin.

This is due to the efforts of James Frank Kotera, or JFK as he liked to be called, and his 10 ton ball of twine.

JFK has been working on his record breaking ball for nearly 30 years.

Some may ask what would inspire someone to spend six to eight hours a day working on a jumbo ball of twine?

"God came into my home and he was touching me on my back and he was telling me, James you're going to be the famous twine man for the whole wide world," JFK explains.

Rolling a gigantic ball of twine is a painstaking process that begins with one piece of string wrapped around itself, then slowly the spherical form starts to take shape and before you know it, you have a ball of string that almost fills an entire gazebo.

JFK says even though he's been working on his twine ball for nearly 30 years he doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon.

"I imagine it's going to get higher and higher and wider and wider. What happens when it hits the rafters? Well I imagine they're going to raise the roof up," he chuckled.

JFK's twine ball isn't the only gargantuan sphere of string in the Midwest.

Darwin, Minnesota is home to the documented twine ball world champion.

The 17,000 plus pound, 12 foot in diameter globe is the unofficial mascot of Darwin and they hold an annual twine ball festival every year.

JFK hasn't officially weighed his labor of love, but if his calculations are sound, great balls of fiber aficionados could be looking at the new twine ball world champ.

Twine balls aren't as uncommon as you may think.

Crawker City, Kansas has its own ball which tips the scale at over 17,000 pounds and Branson, Missouri is home to a six-ton plastic string ball.

Unfortunately for Branson, twine ball experts say using plastic string is cheating.