Wiregrass Newsroom: Dump Your Junk for Free at Dothan Landfill

Dothan, AL (WSFA) -- It used to cost you to get rid of old junk at the Dothan landfill. But now, it might not.

The city's two week old E-Recycling program makes it easy to dump old equipment.  And the best part is, if it's electronic, it's free.

"We don't charge any fees. We have an electronics recycling drop off point, that's free. It actually takes the cost of disposal off of the generator, the person that brings it in," says Ken Rice, the Assistant Manager of Dothan Environmental Services.

In the past, dumping old junk in the landfill, including electronic equipment cost $38 dollars per ton. But now, the program does a service for you and the city.

"Anything that you divert from the landfill increases the lifespan of that landfill," says Rice.

The E-Recycling center takes all kinds of items that you may have in your home like computers, calculators, printers and cameras. They'll even take your old cell phone.

Richard Abernathy was the first person to drop anything off at the site.  And he says having this service is good for business.

"It's fantastic, I think. It saves me a little money. It's better than going out there on the landfill where you half-way get stuck trying to get out of there!" says Abernathy, the owner of Dothan Business Machines on South Oates street.

But Abernathy isn't the only one who's discovered it. Rice says they've already collected tons of equipment.

"I would say probably 200 or 300 pieces."

And two to three hundred is a number Rice thinks will only grow larger as more people learn about the program.

Reporter: Melissa McKinney