Wiregrass Newsroom: Big Changes at Rip Hewes Stadium

Dothan, AL (WSFA) -- Four and a half months and $518,000 dollars later, the new Rip Hewes press box is open.  In addition to football, city leaders say the new box is only the beginning of more events and foot traffic through the gates.

"We've had a lot of discussions about bringing other activities into the stadium including things such as outdoor concerts. Our overall objective is to increase the use of the stadium," says Dothan City General Services Manager, Larry Muench.

The stadium has not only been the talk of city officials, but the Dothan Recreational Board as well.

Getting through the gates at Rip Hewes may prove to be a little more difficult now that city leaders are thinking about implementing a dress code policy at the stadium.

The board met today to discuss the issue of dress inside the venue--especially at high school football games. Some parents are concerned about saggy pants, visible underwear, and vulgar t-shirts seen inside.

"As a Rec Board member, I think we have the responsibility to dress up the facilities. And if we're going to require the students to wear things appropriate to school, we should have the same appropriate dress code at athletic events too," says Tom Ziegenfelder, a member on the Dothan Recreational Board.

"I'd like to maybe see some examples from others. I know Montgomery does this, and I'd like to see maybe what their actual dress code is for the stadium verses the schools," says board member, David Crutchfield.

A dress code decision is still months away.  The board formed a committee to research dress codes used in other Alabama cities.

Reporter: Melissa McKinney