Bright prepares for Congress, takes call from Obama

Our interview was interrupted by a call from the Pentagon.
Our interview was interrupted by a call from the Pentagon.

By Eileen Jones - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) -Mayor Bobby Bright says he'll probably resign from office the first week in January shortly before he's sworn in as a U.S. Congressman on January 6th. After that the city council will meet to set the date for a special mayoral election. Until then, the Mayor is busy in his office and busy getting ready for his new congressional office.

However, the interview was interruptetd by a phone call from Washington. "Hello General, I'm doing great. How are you doing " A lot calls like this are coming in from people he doesn't even know - yet.  "Well, thank you very much General. I really appreciate that and you tell the Secretary I appreciate that."

That call was from the Pentagon, but the one he received last Tuesday was a surprise from someone who will soon move in to the White House.

Bright described the conversation. "I was really excited to be able to talk with the president-elect. He was awfully professional and very nice. I was very surprised to get the call. It came in on my cell phone"

Bright said the conversation lasted about eight or ten minutes and they didn't talk policy or legislation. "I told him that I was really going to need some help up there and he said he'd be there and he said he was going to need our assistance too and so I was very heartened by his enthusiasm and his willingness to reach out as some little small congressman."

Bright also said the president-elect told him he had been following his campaign here in Alabama because it was high profile. He said Obama didn't mention the ad by Bright's opponent featuring Obama's name which Bright said remains one of his disappointments. "Two candidates in the same church and deacons in the same church, we had an opportunity to show the world how a clean campaign could be run and we forever have forfeited that opportunity and I'm sorry for that."

Bright has already hired his Chief of Staff and his Congressional Assistant for his Washington office. He now must hire 16 more staff members and four part-timers.  He will also have offices in downtown Montgomery, Dothan and Ozark. To apply, go to the "Write It Down Section" on our web site. There, you will also find an e-mail address if you want to request tickets to Obama's inauguration.

Right now, those seriously considering a run for mayor are: the Mayor's Executive Assistant Michael Briddell, Police Chief Art Baylor, County Commission Chairman Todd Strange, Businessman Scott Simmons and State Representative John Knight.