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Editorial: Local Rule

If you live in Montgomery County, would you want someone from Huntsville, Birmingham or Mobile voting to decide whether you can add a school tax in your community?

That's what happened to people in Limestone County election day.   They voted down a school tax but the amendment passed anyway because voters throughout the state voted for it.

Did you really know what the issue was there?

Did we really know if Shelby County should create a judicial commission or court costs should be changed in Russell County?

These and other amendments were on our ballot election day, causing many of us to scratch our heads when we voted. 

This isn't the way a democracy should work.

The culprit is a state constitution requiring counties and cities to go to the state legislature to get taxation and regulatory issues passed and then have voters statewide approve it.

Issues that affect all Alabamians certainly have a place on a statewide election ballot.

But let local governments govern.

Legislators should increase the number of votes it takes to send a local constitutional amendment to a statewide vote.  Right now, it only takes one. 

That would be a band aid remedy for what ultimately is needed: a new constitution.

 It is difficult enough for state legislators to take up valuable time dealing with local issues.

We add insult to injury by having voters statewide deal with them as well. 

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