Holiday Headache: Thanksgiving costs on the rise

Montgomery, Ala. (WSFA) -- Turkey.  Mashed Potatoes.  Stuffing.

They're the foods we all look forward to when November rolls around.

So, how much do they cost?

A survey released by the American Farm Bureau shows prices on the rise.

A thanksgiving dinner for ten people with all the trimmings now costs about $44.61.  The cost is only a few bucks more than last year, but in this economy, shoppers say every bit counts.

"Every time you go in the grocery store you leave with less and you pay more--every time. Your food is running higher and higher," explained Joan Oswald of Montgomery.

For most people, that means cruising the isles for the best deals.

"I'm trying to get some stuff while it's on sale, because there's no telling what the price of food is going to be in a little while," said Dominique Ford of Montgomery.

With money tight across the board, residents are making a few changes for Thanksgiving dinner, including putting well known brands back on the shelf and choosing cheaper alternatives.

"Even though I [have a cart full of food], it's still tight," Ford explained.

How about another way out?

Many local supermarkets advertise an online fix for your finances--for about the same price.

For many shoppers, however, it's just not the same as a home cooked meal.

With prices only slightly higher than last year, most residents say they're not worried about costs cutting into their holiday.

"As long as you've got family and love, even though the economy is messed up, [you can] still just try to make the best of it," Ford said.