E.D. Nixon Teacher a Class Act

This week's Class Act is Ms. Julie Harris' from E.D. Nixon  elementary school in Montgomery.    She likes her classroom comfortable.    "It's sort of like a home away from home,"   Harris said.. "I want the kids to be comfortable so I'll let them come and sit on the ground, I just want them to be comfortable."

A co-worker says there's never a dull moment in her room and she's always telling her kids about the importance of making good choices.    For Ms. Harris, she loves to see her students grow throughout the year.    "When I give them a writing assignment and I check on them and see the finished product that's the best part."

She's been teaching here 8-years and sometimes some of her former students stop by to visit.      "I had an 11th grader come back to let me know how much I inspired her."    And she inspires them everyday.   Ms. Julie Harris from E.D. Nixon Elementary school in Montgomery, you're this week's Class Act.