Opp Teacher is a Class Act

"I also enjoy teaching history. I've always enjoyed that, explaining it to the students," says Shannon Clark, an 8th grade social studies teacher at Opp Middle School. From her classroom students travel overseas and back in time.

Student Chris Dunbar says, "I like the Egyptians and everything. How they believed in life after death and everything."

Classmate Kasi Cravey adds, "people wouldn't know stuff if it hadn't been for history. The things that's happened in the past. People wouldn't be able to compare the future to the past."

Clark's influence on her students extends beyond the classroom. This is the eighth year that she's been over the school's cheerleaders. "I love working with the girls and watching them grow and accomplish new things. It's a lot of fun to do that; get to travel and go to Auburn for camp; and go to the ball games and all that," Clark says.

When it comes to teaching history Clark says some students naturally absorb everything. In order to reach the others, she takes extra steps. Principal Patty Taylor says, "she's all the time on the internet searching different websites to bring that into the classroom, trying to incorporate the technology aspect, so the kids can see the relevance of studying history."

Clark is also the assistant sponsor of the beta club; it's made up of seventh and eighth graders who are on the honor roll.

Education Reporter: Michael Briddell