Juror convicts man, starts steamy love letters

A convicted Nevada killer could receive a second chance at freedom thanks to a juror who apparently fell in love with him.

On Tuesday  a Las Vegas judge asked that the woman appear in court next month to explain why she contacted the man she helped convict.

Prosecutors are hoping the juror's steamy letters are not enough for a mistrial.

27-year-old Ricky Vazquez was back in court Tuesday, just weeks after his conviction for second degree murder.

The case dates back two years, when Richard Morris was found shot to death.

It was robbery that turned to murder.

Now, defense attorneys are asking for a new trial, alleging that a female juror did independent research on Vazquez, the same woman who wrote a series of often steamy letters to the murderer after his conviction.

In one letter, the juror writes, "When I feel the need for sex, I just get it. And I always get what I want... Smile and I'm all yours!"

Attorneys believe there were more than a few letters exchanged between the two and say the juror came to the jail to visit Vazquez, promising to keep in contact as long as possible.

Deputy District Attorney Amanda Krusey prosecuted the case and is opposing a new trial.

"She fell in love with Mr. Vazquez, or whatever you want to call it.  Some sick infatuation. We were shocked when we got word of this."

Krusey says if anything, the woman helped the defense, convincing other jurors to convict Vazquez on something less than first degree murder.

Because of double jeopardy, a new trial would not benefit the state.

"Since he's been acquitted of first degree murder, we would have to try him on second degree murder," explained Krusey.   "It costs a lot of money. There's another week of two prosecutors being in trial."

Next month guarantees a face-to-face meeting between the two.

All parties involved, including the juror, are expected back in court to determine whether a few handwritten hearts could set a killer free.