Editorial: Half Way Home

We have two Alabamas.  The haves and have nots.

Unemployment sits at 6% in 33 of our 67 counties and three in our area - Dallas, Perry and Wilcox Counties, exceed 13% unemployment.

We have the best Reading Initiative program in the nation, but only 7% of Alabamians benefit from it.

We have some of the finest schools in the nation, but 41% of our 9th graders don't graduate from high school.

As we give thanks in the coming week for all of our many blessings in this beautiful state, envision how much more prosperous we can be if we focus with laser intensity on enhancing our education effort.

Money is tight.  We need to prioritize funds.  We encourage our elected leaders when making tough decisions in the coming months, fixing education must top the list.

If we do that graduation rates and employment improve, we move closer to one Alabama where we all have!