Florida bank ATM stolen by...construction loader

You'll recall WSFA 12 News' report earlier this week of a stolen forklift being used to snatch a Montgomery area bank's ATM. Well, a very similar story is now playing out in Florida.

While there are no known connections to the Montgomery heist, West Palm Beach, Florida detectives are looking for robbers with the same style.

A stolen front-end loader was used to rip an ATM from its foundation in the early morning hours.

When police arrived on the scene they found the loader still at the scene, and the ATM was gone.

John Cheatham, the owner of the construction equipment, told local media outlets that the loader was stolen from a construction site 20 miles away from the bank!

Detectives are investigating tracks and the ATM casing which was left behind.

Police are also looking at surveillance video from the bank.

Sgt. Joe Luciano says a similar incident took place at the same bank in 2007.