Wiregrass Newsroom: House Dems Visit Enterprise to Discuss Grocery Tax Bill

Enterprise, AL (WSFA) -- Imagine actually saving money when grocery shopping.

"I feel like it would help all of us," says Grace Daniels.

That's the goal for Alabama House of Representative Democrats in February--to pass a bill that would eliminate the four percent state sales tax on groceries.

"What we want to do is take that four percent away, give that back to them, take it away from the state, and give that back into their pockets to allow them to use it in other areas," says Democratic Representative Terry Spicer.

And it's something Grace Daniels says her family could use.

"It's a blessing if they do come up with something just to help the people out because we're all struggling. I would be delighted if they'd step in and help us," says Daniels.

In Enterprise, for instance, consumers pay ten percent in a combination of both state and local sales taxes on everything from potato chips to whipped topping. Now if the bill passes, that ten percent could be reduced down to six.

But it's a reduction some Senate Republicans didn't support in May unless a bill to move the annual property tax appraisals back to one every four years was attached to the Grocery Bill. Now House Democrats aren't giving up on what they say is a $300 million dollar tax break.

"It is not raising taxes.  This is getting rid of a burden tax that we have.  It is not increasing tax whatsoever in any form," says Representative Locy Baker.

But no matter what happens this year, Daniels says she just wants to have the money for food that "sticks to the ribs" and feeds her family.

Reporter: Melissa McKinney