PETA passes out Tofurkeys

If you happened to be driving through Idaho Falls, Idaho on Tuesday, you might have noticed an effort by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA.

Two women braved the elements in hopes of changing what makes the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Dressed head to toe in sexy pilgrim outfits, complete with high heels, the pair handed out free Tofurky, a tofu based turkey substitute.

"It gets people to stop and hear our message. We could stand out there with signs but if you have pretty girls and free food, a lot more people are going to stop," explained PETA's Colleen Higgins.

They know most won't break free of meat products "cold turkey", so the clothing helps draw attention, and at each city they stop they give away 50 full-sized Tofurkys.

"It's free food, so people are naturally inclined to take it, especially when they learn what happens to turkeys on farms they definitely want to give this a try because it's the best way to say no to animal cruelty," Higgins said.

If you believe the rumors, Tofurky tastes exactly like turkey without the calories and the death of an animal on Thanksgiving.

It's something most will have to see, or eat, to believe.