McGough Motors closes doors after 90 years in Montgomery

Bad Economy Claims Montgomery Car Dealership
Bad Economy Claims Montgomery Car Dealership

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - It's the end of an era for the McGough dealership and the beginning of uncertainties for its third generation owner, Harris McGough.

"It's pretty emotional right now," said McGough.

Emotional when you consider McGough's grandfather started the family business in 1919.

"I wanted to make it a hundred years," said McGough.

Passed down through the years, Harris McGough wanted so much to turn it over to  his sons. Dawson McGough who is only 23 was by his dad most of the morning at the dealership, the very place that became home away from home for Dawson.

"It's not a bitter. It's a lesson learned. I got in the business the wrong time apparently," said Dawson McGough.

Harris McGough says he did everything possible to keep it going including spending a lot of his own money, but in the end it just didn't work. Times are different, and the economy was too challenging.

"We just ran out of cash and yesterday it got to the point where we had to make a decision," said McGough.

A decision that's affected around 50 employees. While the car business has always been competitive, it's also a family, according to McGough.

"Montgomery has some of the best automobile dealers around. The people of Montgomery have good folks to deal with like Capitol Chevrolet, Larry Puckett (Prattville) and Brewbaker," said McGough.

Harris McGough says he's not sure what will happen to all those vehicles that sit in his showroom and cover his parking lots. Right now the shock of losing the family business is still real and gut-wrenching. McGough doesn't know what he will do now, but son Dawson does and he's fresh out of college.

"Go find a job," said Dawson McGough.

McGough sold three cars Thursday but it's clearly too little, too late. He may now try to sell the property.

McGough Pontiac-GMC-Mazda, gone after nearly 90 years in Montgomery.