Republicans Unhappy with Other Republicans

By Eileen Jones - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The election may be over but some serious hard feelings linger among state Republicans. There is dissention in the ranks over how the campaigns were handled, and when it comes to bad feelings, like their elephant mascot, some Republicans have long memories.

Take state representative and former congressional candidate for the district two seat David Grimes. He may seem happy and contented now, but he isn't - at least not about the last congressional race. "Jay Love was the heir apparent. He was the one that was suppose to be because he had the money."

Grimes thinks the state Republican Party has become divisive and elitist favoring those with money like his former opponent Jay Love. "He knew he had the money. He was a front runner from the start - from the get go. He was the one that was most likely to succeed according to those making the decisions at the top," says Grimes.

And, and he's not only unhappy with the state party he's also upset with the National Republican Congressional Committee for getting involved too when he says they both should have remain neutral. "I think the national party should not have gotten involved and I think the state party should not have gotten involved in the run-off. They should have been neutral to the end of the primary. The primary is not over until the run-off is over and I did not like that."

Governor Bob Riley, however, sees the campaigns differently. "That is an unmitigated, absolute fabrication. It never happened."

Governor Riley thinks the people who are griping now are just sore losers. "There are three or four people who worked on elections who lost and now they want to blame somebody other than themselves for losing," says Riley.

Grimes was asked if he's concerned about what others may say. "Are you going to be criticized for doing this interview? Absolutely, I'm sure I will but that's OK. They don't vote for me. Not one of them lives in my district."

The Governor says the state Republican Party has never been more unified and had better leadership than it does now. The next state Republican meeting is in February and it probably will not be for the faint of heart!