Wiregrass Newsroom: Enterprise High Choir to Sing At White House

Enterprise, AL (WSFA) -- It's rehearsal time, and for Erica Vick, it's one of the more memorable performances she will give.

" I'm very nervous.  But for the most part, I'm excited," says Vick.

This is the second time the Enterprise High School show choir will make their way to Pennsylvania Avenue.

"We sang last spring in the White House," says Choral Director, John Baker.

But this time they'll have to spruce up their performance. That's because they'll also sing at the National Christmas Tree lighting.

It's something Baker always wanted for his choir.

"I've flipped through the channels and seen it on C-Span, and I said that would be a unique experience for the kids."

And unique it is.  Choirs from all over the nation compete for the honor and opportunity.

"When you travel it just broadens their horizons, and makes students think of not just Enterprise, but there's a whole world out there to experience," says Baker.

Not only has practice time been invested in this trip, but money has as well. With 210 people going to Washington D.C., Mr. Baker says the trip is costing them close to $80,000 dollars.

But the help from fundraisers is allowing these students to perform and perhaps get the chance few will ever have.

"Being able to see the President, that's just wow," says choral student Omari Dear.

But 'just wow' is the sound of their voices. It's a sound that's worthy of the White House.

Reporter: Melissa McKinney