Oops...wrong diagnosis costs woman her hands and feet

A woman who entered a New York hospital with what she thought was a kidney stone and left a quadruple amputee has filed a multi-million dollar malpractice suit.

32-year-old Tabitha Mullings went to the Brooklyn Hospital Center on September 14th complaining of kidney pain.

She was examined, given pain killers and sent home.

The next day she returned to the hospital and was diagnosed with a sepsis infection that had already blocked circulation to her hands feet, and right eye.

Doctors were eventually forced to amputate her hands and feet, and Mullings was blinded in her right eye.

She remains hospitalized, but hopes to return home in the coming weeks.

"My goal is to walk out of this hospital, with my hands and my legs, walking out of here before Christmas, so I can spend the holiday with my beautiful children and family," Mullings told reporters on Friday.

Her lawyers maintain that she wasn't properly screened during her initial visit.

"There's no question that when a woman comes to an emergency room with a complaint about pain in her back and on the side, she shouldn't end up being carried out on a stretcher with no hands, no feet and legally blind," said attorney Sanford Rubenstein.

The hospital has refused to comment on the case.