Bank forecloses on home a woman doesn't even own

A Florida woman recently received a notice in the mail from a law firm saying her home is being foreclosed.

It was a case of mistaken identity.

Cheryl Evors says she found a red flag foreclosure warning and a summons at her Cape Coral home last week.

"It's not my house, it's not my mortgage, it's not my name, it's not my husband, it's not me," said Evors.

The summons lists a home in Saint Petersburg as the property and Cheryl D. Virgin as the mortgage holder.

Cheryl Evors says she used to be Cheryl Virgin.

More specifically, she says she used to be Cheryl A. Virgin, but that was five years ago.

"She has a first and last name that I used to have at some point, and so they came to my house," she said.

The Van Ness Law Firm out of Deerfield, Florida represents the bank filing the foreclosure suit.

It says mix-ups are extremely rare and they use a third party database to get names and addresses.

On Thursday, Evors gave the firm her social security number to get in the clear.

The firm says Evors would have been off the hook as soon as her written response to the summons reached the firm.