Wiregrass Newsroom: Newton Soldier Remembered as Great Man

Dothan, AL (WSFA) -- The sound of a helicopter is one Chief Warrant Officer Donald Clark knew all too well.

Clark was among two U.S. soldiers who died in a OH-58 Kiowa helicopter crash near Mosul, Iraq on November 15th. But in the midst of great loss, his legacy lives on.

"He's definitely the salt of the earth," says Reece Mullins.

Hundreds gathered to pay tribute to remember not just a man they loved, but a husband, father, son, and companion.

"He was like that kid brother, ya know, just a little bit younger than you, and always up to no good. He was just fun to be around," says Mullins.

Dudley Carver says he knows his friend is in good hands.

"I lost my wife three weeks ago and she's keeping Don Clark straight up there.  Don's in Heaven, he's never gone and I'll always remember him."

He's a man many say was young at heart with a heart of gold.

"He would do anything for anybody else," says Mullins.

"There are two kinds of people, doers and sayers. Don was a doer," says Carver.

A doer that is greatly missed and greatly loved.

Reporter: Melissa McKinney