Wiregrass Newsroom: Houston County Department Operating Under Budget

Houston County, AL (WSFA) -- Drive down Wallace Buie Road and you'll see it--construction underway for a new bridge.

A project that thanks to smart spending by the Houston County Road and Bridge Department is going up despite a tight county budget.

"It just becomes easier whenever you treat it like it's your own personal money," says County Engineer with the Road and Bridge Department, Mark Pool.

It's the way the department makes sure it only spends what's necessary and the reason why they came in $1 million dollars under their $12 million-dollar budget.

"Everything's gone up, but we got less money to spend, so we just gotta get ahead of the game. We just cut back where we could," says Pool.

But progress is the last thing the department plans to cut.

The bridge project at Wallace Buie is one of about seven or eight the department is working on right now. They say because they're cutting costs in other areas they're able to keep moving forward with improvement plans.

"They realized along with us that we were going to have a problem and made some cut backs. We're fortunate that we had that money to carry over so that we won't be in a really difficult position," says Houston County Commission Chairman, Mark Culver.

And Pool is confident that 2009 will be the same.

"We're gonna try and finish another million under...yeah we can do it."

Another million under, all in an effort to help the county and you, the taxpayer.

Reporter: Melissa McKinney