Iron Bowl: Financial touchdown for local businesses

By Cody Holyoke - bio | email

Montgomery, Al. (WSFA) -- If you weren't at Bryant Denny Stadium, watching the
Iron Bowl from afar was the next best option.

Restaurants were filled to the brim with crimson and orange.

"It's great to come out here.  You have Alabama fans and Auburn fans, you know, you get to jeer with each other.  It's just great," said Auburn fan Terry Turner.

Whether you went out to eat or dined at home, restaurants reaped the rewards of a long-lasting college rivalry.

"We did about $1,000 in takeout about an hour before the game, so it's just a lot of takeout orders," said Stefanie Smith, regional manager for Buffalo Wild Wings in Montgomery.

Don't forget the clothing industry.  Saturday night, T-shirts hit the press, boasting Alabama's victory.

"By Sunday, there will be about $7,500 shirts across the state, and then we'll continue to run Monday," explained Greg Shafer, owner of AKD Screenprinting & Embroidery in Montgomery.

Workers started minutes after the game ended, adding the final score, then getting the new shirts ready for sale.

Customers were already waiting.

"I knew I had to high-tail it into the store, because I knew we were going to be busy.  These Alabama fans, as you can tell, are just so excited," said Vicki Mayfield, co-owner of Bama Fever,  Tiger Pride.

It's an excitement well earned after a major win.

"We'll sell thousands of shirts tomorrow.  Thousands.  That's what people are coming in for. They want their bragging rights. Especially after 6 years," Mayfield said.