Zoo turns reindeer poop into ornaments

The holidays are near and many of us are searching high and low for the perfect gift.

Bloomington, Illinois' Miller Park Zoo has a special package for you to consider.

It' is reindeer poop.

The little nuggets are specially treated to bring holiday cheer.

Susie Ohley, the zoo's marketing director, goes home every night and spends hours of her own time making the poo into beautiful Christmas ornaments.

"I dry all the droppings out. Then I spray it with about 6 coats of clear acrylic paint. Then we paint it with glitter and all different colors. I've been beading them by hand," Ohley explained.

The Magical Reindeer Gem Ornaments are then put on display and are actually quite sought after items for holiday gifts.

The zoo has received requests for the ornaments from all across the United States.

The ornaments sell for $5 and all the proceeds go to the zoo.