Montgomery Area Food Bank Sees Demand Rise During Economic Turmoil

Boxes of hope for those who need it the most.

"Brunos and Food World have just delivered their first of three holiday hope packages," said Ann Eissler, Deputy Director of the Montgomery Area Food Bank.

And what a package! One 18-wheeler carrying 16,000 pounds worth of food, items like soup and beans.

"Nutritious stuff, no potato chips," said Eissler.

And a whole lot of heaping of care. Two more 18-wheelers are on the way.

"This is a Godsend. The customers at these stores gave $5 per bag and those bags were filled up and given to us," said Eissler.

A Godsend considering the Montgomery Area Food Bank has seen a big increase in demand and yes, the economy is being blamed.

"With hunger it appears before the actual economic numbers are released, we're the first to see the people coming then. Almost 40% of the people we feed have working adults in the home already and they're just not able to make ends meet. The only thing that's flexible in the budget is food. Do you buy the medicines or do you buy the food?" said Eissler.

The Montgomery Area Food Bank won't know until January just how many people will have been served this holiday season, but if last year is any guide, it will be a lot. Still, help is on the way, one box at a time.

The MAFB served more than 336,000 meals to needy families last December.