Editorial: Women Leaders

There are nearly two million women in Alabama over the age of 18.

Only four of them serve in our State Senate.

Six serve as judges on our federal bench.

Fourteen serve in our State House.

Clearly, the numbers dwarf the 31 male State Senators, 91 male State House members and 16 male judges on the federal bench, including all six in the Middle District of the State.

And of those women who serve as state legislators, only seven are African American.

Nationally, women are setting records for the number serving: 17 senators, 74 congresswomen and nearly two thousand state legislators, including a female majority in New Hampshire.

In Alabama we are not there yet - not by a long shot.

Not surprisingly, the troubles in our state government reflect ideology trumping most else.

Women voices are not heard because they are not there to give input.

We need them to be and encourage more women to seek leadership roles and all of us to examine closely their credentials when they do.